led hire, LED screens built to custom dimensions, LCD/Plasma screens in various sizes, Professional Video cameras, Seamless vision switchers, Image processors, Digital signage, Ipads with stands, Streaming Software, Sound systems for small to large events, Analog and digital consoles, Wireless microphones, Throwable microphones for audience engagement, Catchbox, Audio recordings, Audio interface for live streams, Audio interface for live streams, Foldback monitors for bands, Microphones for bands, Line Arrays, Your branded gobo lights, Moving colour wash, Moving Spotlights, Moving Spotlights, Follow spot, Band and dance floor lighting, Stage wash and lectern spot lights, Dinner lighting, Award show lighting, LED uplights, Expo lighting

We hire technical equipment and specialist people for Meetings, Conferences and Events throughout NewZealand.

We are here to make tech easy for you.   

Audio visual hire for Conferences, Dinners, Award Shows, Roadshows, Meetings & AGM's, Hybrid Events, Translation, Streaming, Product Launches, Room Signage, Exhibitions, Studio Hire

We Partner with venues to get the best results for you using both in-house technical equipment to save you money and our specialist kit to make your event the best it can be.

We also have a full range of equipment to do your total Event

We have a range of technical solutions, people and equipment to suite all your needs.

Whether it be a live event, a conference or a hybrid meeting, we have a solution for you.

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