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Multi-Media Systems Ltd is a family business established by Bong and Noon Wong in 1974 out of their home garage.

Slide projection


The initial focus was on the sales, rental and repairs of 8mm and 16mm reel projectors with the market focus being on schools, community halls and church groups. When the focus expanded into the corporate sector a new avenue opened up to explore the service of film processing and development, specifically for 35mm slides.

A trend was taking shape in slide projection, which was the foundation to Multi-Media Systems as we know it today and at the time being the only specialist company in New Zealand in multi-imaging slide presentations.


Bong Wong

Noon Wong

Noon Wong


Barco 9200

Creative Development


For over a decade, the business flourished in the creating and executing of multi-image slide presentations. The birth of Genigraphics Production Ltd as the in-house production division enabled the business to focus on photography, content creation and the processing of the 35mm film for slide mounts.

Video presentations came into the fore during the mid 80’s so the importance of servicing this trend resulted in the company investing into its first Video Projector, a Barco CRT three-gun projector, called a SuperBright at 400 ANSI Lumens.

Going Digital


Until the early 90’s Multi-Media Systems remained focused on this area of the industry creating a strong reputation for dynamic visual presentation delivery.

The introduction of the Information Super Highway and the Internet realised the need to move towards digital technology. The launch of Windows 95 saw the demise of slide projection, which enforced the business to re focus on yet another trend. PowerPoint presentations became mainstream and the rapid rise in the video/data projector technology became day-to-day business.

Multi-Media Systems Ltd is now a national business with services that can support a myriad of events.

Wellington Office Opens


Product launches and road shows were at the peak of event trends as industries and companies wanted to share information amongst peers and clients on a national level.

The need to give our clients more cost-effective solutions for travel outside our main hub in Auckland gave the company reason to open its doors in Wellington.

As part of cost-effective solutions, the business decided to spread its knowledge in areas of Audio and Lighting. Creating a one-stop shop solution for clients enabled the business to have control from concept phases through to execution and delivery.

Multi-image projection


Client expectations from 2000’s rose significantly, which helped reinforce our decision to encompass all areas of technical and production support for events.

Current presentation techniques have come full cycle with the re-emergence of multi-image projection. With the business roots coming from multi-image slide presentations, the evolution of such products as Dataton’s multi-display “Watchout” programme has become a natural fit in creating high visual impact presentations.

South Island Office


The expansion into the South Island gave us further ability to service our national clients. Our Christchurch base was set up in 2004 with the idea of looking after our clients in a more localised manner.

The experience and knowledge remains within the family with Bong & Noon’s son Damian looking after day to day proceedings supported by key personnel to ensure clients’ experiences are first class.

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