Events Redefined

Sometimes we may not be able to meet in person as we have done in the past but we can meet in new ways to share and connect like we always have.


Anchoring the event, the Central Hub sets the scene for the wider audience.

An operated mix of camera feeds and content is streamed live to remote sites, allowing members to connect wherever they are located

Local audiences are engaged by a dynamic mix of content and live video from within the room blended with remote sites.


Attendees unable to travel can gather at intimate mini hubs. Located at smaller sites these locations would utilize in-house equipment where available or Multi-Media Systems could provide.

Hubs receive a link to the live stream and can be supported by a dedicated AV technician.


Attendees across the Satellite Hub venues follow the same live feed as the Central Hub. A blend of video and content from Satellite Hubs are streamed back to the Central Hub in real time, allowing remote presenters to contribute to the entire conference from multiple sites.

Each Satellite Hub could also present autonomously to it’s local audience should this be required


Attendees who don’t wish to travel to the event can follow from the comfort of their own home or office.

They can view the stream on a phone, laptop or tablet – it’s as easy as clicking the link. A helpline with dedicated support is ready to provide assistance should this be required


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